Turn It Down

24 May

12 May 2010

Turn It Down – Proposing A Solution To Noise Disturbances In Dormitories

Bud Leiner, Sharon DelRosario, and Diana Alvarez

When we first started, our group consisted of just Sharon and Bud; Diana joined later. Our group focused on the Musical or Sound-Smart category of Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory. When thinking of music, we did not identify a problem with it directly. This made it hard in the beginning to choose a topic. Prof. Richards Young clarified the instructions, guiding us to use the MI category in our presentation, as oppose to focusing on music.

During our first get-together in class, we brainstormed ideas. We talked about roommates and conflicts between people in the dorms. Sharon brought up how noise carries between adjoining rooms. The thinness of the dorm walls does not dampen the sounds. If they were thicker, it would likely eliminate a lot of conflict between suite mates and neighbors. Sharon and Diana actually live in the dorms themselves and know all about this. So, this was the perfect topic for them.

We talked in class and came up with a possible solution; make the walls more soundproof. For this, we each planned to investigate different ways to soundproof walls. Knowing the University’s current budget circumstances, we also had to consider the economic impact of our solution. That day in class, we also talked about how we could incorporate music into the project without having to actually go up and embarrass ourselves singing or doing something crazy. We decided to perform a skit to demonstrate the problem and solution.

We outlined a general overview of the project and arranged to meet during the weekend. Via email and text messaging, we talked about solutions we thought were best to sound proof the walls. We concluded that Wavebar Quadzero by Pyrotek would be our best option. It is lower cost, durable, and best of all, effective. We met up at Sharon’s dorm on Sunday and each brought the supplies that we assigned each other. While there, we built the simulated wall before and after the installation of the sound barrier material. We talked about how the sound barrier works, who makes it, and how to install it. We also made up a little skit of two college suite-mates not getting along because of the noise disturbance. The following class, Tuesday, we presented the problem and solution and it went very well.  Everybody got a good laugh at the skit and at the same time, it was informative.

We worked well together as a team. The project achieved the assigned goals. We grade the presentation an A- grade. Sharon was very involved with writing, presenting and preparing. She should receive an A grade. Diana participated with preparing and presenting. She should receive an A- grade. Bud participated with writing and presenting. He should receive an A- grade.



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