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Blind Acceptance or Depredation of Obama and Bush

Why is it that some conservatives are claiming President Barrack Obama does not show proper respect to US Servicemen?

Simple. Those outspoken conservatives convince themselves something is true, and ignore any evidence to the contrary. The same argument is true for the other side, the outspoken liberals, as well. To demonstrate, I will assume you have seen the “Obama is horrible” and “Bush is the greatest” proclamations. So, here, I will present the counterarguments for each.

Let me give you some examples of how Obama has demonstrated support of US servicemen:
1) July 2008: Obama went to Baghdad and addressed and thanked the servicemen there.
2) Oct 2009: Obama honored fallen soldiers at Dover Air Force Base as their flight came in, without media, at 00:34 (that’s 12:30 am). Then he met privately with the families of those soldiers. He returned to the White House before dawn to continue his day.
3) May 2012: Obama greeted military in Afghanistan, and called out every division present, then thanked them all.

However, if you want to continue to believe President George W Bush was “Greatest Ever”, how about I show you some examples of when Bush was not all honor and respect.
1) March 2004: At a correspondents dinner, he displayed various photos of himself searching though the White House on a “wild goose chase” looking for WMDs; “WMDs got to be somewhere… nope, nothing here,… maybe here?” and laughing. This was after troops were sent to Iraq looking for the WMDs, resulting in 585 US soldiers being killed and 3,000 soldiers wounded.
2) Fall 2007: DOD issued clarification of directives for military servicemen not to speak out against the President. This was instigated because servicemen were publicly speaking out about the military action in Iraq. The same speaking out that is happening with Obama. Remember, the servicemen are individuals. They have individual opinions and beliefs. Some will be in agreement with the presiding President, and others will disagree.
3) November 2011: Speaking of Dover Air Force Base, in November 2011, it came to light that under Bush, some of our nation’s military servicemen’s bodies were incinerated and buried in a landfill from 2003 until 2008. And you call Obama’s actions disgraceful. If that same outrageous act had occurred in 2009, conservatives would be asking for Obama to be impeached, executed, incinerated, and buried in a landfill.

December 2008: I will point out that according to some reports, Bush had not attended any funerals for servicemen through 2005. However, when this claim was brought up, it was made known that Bush, like Obama, had met with the families of the servicemen in private. During the Bush’s first term (and maybe longer) there were rules in place that kept the President from performing some of those actions, publicly. Later it was disclosed he had written letters to the families of the fallen servicemen, and other consolatory acts, as did Obama.

The bad citizens are on both sides of the story. Take for instance the demonstrations against Bush in August 2004, wherein protestors demonstrated with the US Flag inappropriately displayed. This is just as bad as the conservative demonstrators who protested against Obama by waving the US Flag upside down or other disparaging acts.

It’s time us, average, moderate, accepting Americans remind the zealots that we are the majority.

Thank you to all servicemen.
You are not forgotten.

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Old Yeller Friend

Looking at your friends, you see the canine within all of them.

Chihuahua – a friend too big for their britches; constantly yapping; and think your relationship is exclusive.
Brittany – affectionate and intelligent, but if you don’t spend enough time with her, she can be very destructive.
Rottweiler – very confident, strong, and protective; he will guard you from everything, no matter what; but clingy, and aggressive to others.
Basset Hound – sociable and lovable; but stubborn and mischievous, and a really bad singer.
Bulldog – calm and good-natured, but a slow-learner and couch-potato. And you love him anyways.
German Shepherd – always there, reliable, willing to do anything, and never afraid; his only shortcoming is meeting new friends.

Black Mouth Cur – the rare one you eventually find; smart, hard worker, territorial, and protective; a good friend, like the one in the story.

But Like the story of the Black Mouth Cur, there are some friendships that become ill, infected; you can’t go back. The same friend, but the infection has changed everything about them; their whole view of the world. An infection that can’t be cured, and the friendship can never come back.

Your only choice is to say, I love you, and goodbye.

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