Old Yeller Friend

06 Jun

Looking at your friends, you see the canine within all of them.

Chihuahua – a friend too big for their britches; constantly yapping; and think your relationship is exclusive.
Brittany – affectionate and intelligent, but if you don’t spend enough time with her, she can be very destructive.
Rottweiler – very confident, strong, and protective; he will guard you from everything, no matter what; but clingy, and aggressive to others.
Basset Hound – sociable and lovable; but stubborn and mischievous, and a really bad singer.
Bulldog – calm and good-natured, but a slow-learner and couch-potato. And you love him anyways.
German Shepherd – always there, reliable, willing to do anything, and never afraid; his only shortcoming is meeting new friends.

Black Mouth Cur – the rare one you eventually find; smart, hard worker, territorial, and protective; a good friend, like the one in the story.

But Like the story of the Black Mouth Cur, there are some friendships that become ill, infected; you can’t go back. The same friend, but the infection has changed everything about them; their whole view of the world. An infection that can’t be cured, and the friendship can never come back.

Your only choice is to say, I love you, and goodbye.

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