Up In Smoke: Introductory View

06 Jul

This is an opening paragraph to my Up In Smoke! paper, written in 2009. I wrote this paragraph as a third person view to introduce the balance of the paper, but it was never included in the final. I stumbled across this while cleaning out some old class work and thought I would record it here for nostalgic purposes.  

More than 30 years has led Bud to this resolute moment. These last few steps taken to stop the suicidal trek he had embarked on as a child. Tomorrow will be given as a birthday gift to his mother; a gift she’s requested numerous times. The strong resolve in his actions masks the fear of failure restrained in the pit of his stomach. His hand quivers as it comes to his mouth. He drags on the cigarette but almost hesitantly. As he exhales the last puff, the billow of smoke vanishes in the air.

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Posted by on July 6, 2013 in Class Writing, Memories, Writing


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