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Missing the Ghosts of Christmas Past

If every paragraph were a separate post, I would Like them all; every sentence, and every Word. Wow, talk about bringing back memories. I still make sure everyone gets pajamas for Christmas. Seems so ridiculous when you think about it; but it’s instinctual. So many memories… I hope my grandkids can feel such strong emotions remembering growing up.


In this crazy, hard-scrabble and difficult world, we need to embrace every good, lovely, wonderful, warm, happy memory we can manage to stuff into our human, cranial computers! So, enjoy my loving gratitude to God and loving memory of:  Grandma/Grandpa Finazzi – the makers of childhood Christmas dreams come true. I hope this will cause you to relive happy memories and plan to make the newest ones for this fast-approaching, special family time. 


Christmas Eve on Clunie Street, Saginaw, Michigan: THE house to be in on the night before Christmas. It’s cold and maybe a foot of snow on the ground. Dark early. The white sided house with the charcoal gray trim; third on the left from the corner. Big picture window in the living room, through which a lit Christmas tree is visible through the sheer curtains. 

There is a ball of artificial mistletoe hanging from the archway between…

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