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Becoming a Critic Of Your Thinking

Even being aware of my morality, I still violate some of these simple rules from this article. Becoming a Critic Of Your Thinking.


A How-To List for Dysfunctional Living

Most people have no notion of what it means to take charge of their lives. They don’t realize that the quality of their lives depends on the quality of their thinking. We all engage in numerous dysfunctional practices to avoid facing problems in our thinking. Consider the following and ask yourself how many of these dysfunctional ways of thinking you engage in:

  1. Surround yourself with people who think like you. Then no one will criticize you. 
  2. Don’t question your relationships. You then can avoid dealing with problems within them.

  3. If critiqued by a friend or lover, look sad and dejected and say, “I thought you were my friend!” or “I thought you loved me!” 
  4. When you do something unreasonable, always be ready with an excuse. Then you won’t have to take responsibility. If you can’t think of an excuse, look sorry and say, “I can’t help how I am!” 
  5. Focus on the negative side of life. Then you can make yourself miserable and blame it on others.

  6. Blame others for your mistakes. Then you won’t have to feel responsible for your mistakes. Nor will you have to do anything about them. 
  7. Verbally attack those who criticize you. Then you don’t have to bother listening to what they say. 
  8. Go along with the groups you are in. Then you won’t have to figure out anything for yourself. 
  9. Act out when you don’t get what you want. If questioned, look indignant and say, “I’m just an emotional person. At least I don’t keep my feelings bottled up!” 
  10. Focus on getting what you want. If questioned, say, “If I don’t look out for number one, who will?”

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Missing the Ghosts of Christmas Past

If every paragraph were a separate post, I would Like them all; every sentence, and every Word. Wow, talk about bringing back memories. I still make sure everyone gets pajamas for Christmas. Seems so ridiculous when you think about it; but it’s instinctual. So many memories… I hope my grandkids can feel such strong emotions remembering growing up.


In this crazy, hard-scrabble and difficult world, we need to embrace every good, lovely, wonderful, warm, happy memory we can manage to stuff into our human, cranial computers! So, enjoy my loving gratitude to God and loving memory of:  Grandma/Grandpa Finazzi – the makers of childhood Christmas dreams come true. I hope this will cause you to relive happy memories and plan to make the newest ones for this fast-approaching, special family time. 


Christmas Eve on Clunie Street, Saginaw, Michigan: THE house to be in on the night before Christmas. It’s cold and maybe a foot of snow on the ground. Dark early. The white sided house with the charcoal gray trim; third on the left from the corner. Big picture window in the living room, through which a lit Christmas tree is visible through the sheer curtains. 

There is a ball of artificial mistletoe hanging from the archway between…

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U.S. risks crashing off the cliff

This story represents my view, spot-on. It doesn’t matter if it is Republicans or Democrats; the filibustering and finger-pointing has been going on for far too long. It is high time to eliminate those parties and elect representatives of the moderates; people who are willing to compromise.

Global Public Square

By Fareed Zakaria

The American political system is simply not working. The parties have become too polarized; institutions and traditions of governance, like the filibuster, have been abused to create permanent gridlock. It’s tempting to pretend that this has always been a part of the country’s raucous democracy and that both parties are to blame. But that’s just not true. Consider these facts. Over the past five years, Republicans in the Senate have threatened or used a filibuster 385 times. That’s almost double the rate of the preceding five years and much more than the historic average.

Would Obama or Romney be better at breaking this deadlock? Each side makes its arguments. Obama has recently said that his re-election would “break the fever” and force Republicans to the table. Romney partisans quietly admit that the Republican Party will have to accept higher taxes, but they claim only one of its…

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After Sandy – Day 4: Relief, Sort of, Is in Sight

The skyline photograph is so symbolic. On one half, fully lit; showing the busy-ness of NYC imagery. The other half shows a dark skyline; reminding us of the massive impact of hurricane Sandy.

My Life in New York


Some good news — the Mayor has cancelled the NYC Marathon, which was scheduled for this Sunday — leaving from Staten Island, the hardest hit borough in NYC after Sandy.

The good people of Staten Island and most New Yorkers were outraged over the city’s initial plan to continue with the race. Heck, Staten Islanders just got their ferry service back today at noon for the first time since Sunday.

Personally, I’m far from alone thinking cancelling is the right thing to do. I don’t think we need to hold the marathon right now to prove New Yorkers are tough. The world already knows this. The timing is wrong. All the resources used for the marathon could be distributed to those who need help: all that food, the generators, the manpower. Heck, even all of those tens of thousands of T-shirts.

I spoke to an NYPD officer guarding the…

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After Sandy – Day 3 – People Are Getting Desperate

The challenges our fellow Americans face in New York City, trying to say the least.

My Life in New York


It’s the third day after the wrath of Sandy stormed onto the East Coast and folks are starting to get desperate.

Hundreds of thousands scattered around the five NYC boroughs, shore areas in New Jersey and Connecticut and Long Island are suffering the worst without heat, electricity, running water and, in many cases, shelter. Countless numbers have lost their homes. It’s getting dire for these people because the nights are cold, the food is running out, the fresh water is becoming scarce.

Those who’ve lost their electrical power are losing their ability to communicate with the outside world. Today we watched news coverage from the Gerritsen Beach section of Brooklyn — it’s an enclave of seaside homes, a tight community that’s been cut off from the world. I watched a reporter from Channel 2 interview a woman who was shocked at the magnitude of the storm, shocked about the…

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