After Sandy – Day 4: Relief, Sort of, Is in Sight

03 Nov

The skyline photograph is so symbolic. On one half, fully lit; showing the busy-ness of NYC imagery. The other half shows a dark skyline; reminding us of the massive impact of hurricane Sandy.

My Life in New York


Some good news — the Mayor has cancelled the NYC Marathon, which was scheduled for this Sunday — leaving from Staten Island, the hardest hit borough in NYC after Sandy.

The good people of Staten Island and most New Yorkers were outraged over the city’s initial plan to continue with the race. Heck, Staten Islanders just got their ferry service back today at noon for the first time since Sunday.

Personally, I’m far from alone thinking cancelling is the right thing to do. I don’t think we need to hold the marathon right now to prove New Yorkers are tough. The world already knows this. The timing is wrong. All the resources used for the marathon could be distributed to those who need help: all that food, the generators, the manpower. Heck, even all of those tens of thousands of T-shirts.

I spoke to an NYPD officer guarding the…

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